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What is that Special Kind of Crazy?

Hi, my name is Ramie Elizondo and I am the owner of Permit Pros.

 I spent 15 years in field marketing for the beverage industry and over time the demanding nature of the on premise lifestyle led me to seek a different path. That’s when I started working as a “permit runner” for a family friend. Surprisingly, I developed a genuine passion for understanding architectural drawings and deciphering the comments associated with them. This newfound interest enabled me to provide valuable consultation to my clients, assisting them in finding efficient solutions to expedite their projects.

Having been involved in the service industry since my early days after high school, and later working in the on premise sector of the beverage industry, supporting clients in the permitting process allowed me to fulfill my desire to serve others. I found great satisfaction in helping people successfully obtain permits quickly and with minimal stress. Today, as a permitting professional, it goes beyond just being a “permit runner” for me; I enjoy finding creative solutions to help navigate the process, actively contributing to job creation, bolstering the economy, and helping people realize their dreams of building homes or businesses. Moreover, I really enjoy the daily interactions and building relationships with builders, city officials, and design professionals. 

I always say, “It takes a special kind of crazy to love permitting like we do!” 



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